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  • So who are we?

Located inChina, as a professional enterprise providing full range of service on design, development, production and sales of senior phones, smart phones, tablet PCs, laptops, smart watches. Our factory have more than 10 years .
  • Why choose us?

Design team: 12 members with rich experience, all graduated from well-known academies of art. As long as idea comes up, 3D image comes up.Electronics R&D Department: 9 members, leaded by senior engineering Ph.D. with 25-years’ experience.Customize exclusive product for you.QC Department managed by supervisor occupied experience of years, is in direct charge of CEO.Production lines: 20,000pcs daily;Earnest workers ensure prominent quality.


Contact: Nancy

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Tel: 0755-82555901

Email: sales1@sekwell.cn

Add: RM611,Baicaiyungu Building, Kaihaoda Square, Longhua District, Shenzhen , China

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